Property Management Services Hamilton

At DPM our Property Managers act as a third party between the tenant and you, the landlord.

Reduce the risk of owning an investment property by having our Waikato-based Rental Property Management team act as your third party on any negotiations, allowing you to avoid conflict and unnecessary additional stress.

You won’t have to communicate with the tenant about late payments of rent, negotiate rental increases/lease renewals or follow up maintenance issues. Everything is taken care of by our experienced management team – even serious legal issues.

Switching to Us is Easy!

At Davies Property Management we can take care of all the necessary details without cost or effort to you - and it wont affect any existing Tenancy Agreement!

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Property Management Services – What we offer

The following are included in our Rental Property Management service:


  • We will advise you on market rental situations and help you set an appropriate rental price for your property.
  • We advise owners of all necessary repairs and maintenance and arrange a quotation from our “on-call” trades people if necessary. We then pay the trades-people’s account after confirming completion of the work.

Marketing & Tenant Selection

  • We can arrange inspection and photography of the interior and exterior of your property to help with letting.
  • We prepare and place your property’s advertising listing in news media, on our own website and other applicable rental websites.
  • We prepare and implement all the necessary appropriate documentation on your behalf - including the Rental Agreement, any Tenants Special Conditions (ensuring this adheres to the Residential Tenancy Act 1986 rights and responsibilities) and the Bond Lodgment Form.
  • We screen all prospective tenants thoroughly and select a tenant based on both our experience and the approval of the owner (where applicable).

Rent Payment

  • We Direct Credit your rents (from our trust account to your bank account) within 3 working days of the beginning of each month. A statement of all rents collected and any accounts paid will also be sent. If you require more frequent funds there is also an option of a mid-month payment.
  • We provide an annual summary of your rents for taxation purposes, including our total management fee, which is tax-deductible.


  • We conduct pre-occupancy inspections with the tenant present and a full list of any defects is noted to avoid the possibility of disputes arising.
  • Regular property inspections are carried out and the property is inspected with the tenant at a prearranged time. We then provide a written report on the inspection.
  • At the end of the tenancy a final inspection is held before the bond is released.


  • We enter all payments and rental records into our proven accounting system and monitor rents received and arrears daily.We serve notices to tenants in compliance with the relative legislation or Tenancy Agreement.
  • We prepare and attend to all applications for dispute resolution under the Residential Tenancy Act or, if necessary, a Tenancy Tribunal Court hearing.

For a full breakdown of our Property Management Fees or to arrange your FREE rental appraisal please contact us via email or phone